Volunteer with AMTA Louisiana

The Louisiana Chapter of the AMTA is strictly driven by volunteers!  Our Chapter represents countless hours of hard work from volunteers across our state.  Every appointed position, every elected position and every committee member chooses to volunteer their time to make our Louisiana Chapter awesome!

The chapter supports our volunteers by providing leadership development training to help volunteers grow and learn.  The skills and abilities can easily transfer into their business/career and help them to be more successful in whatever they do!

If you want to learn the “Ins -and Outs” of what we do, we invite you to become an essential part of our very important mission.

Only have a few hours a week? a month? Do you only want to participate if you can do it at home? Do you like to organize events? Maybe you’d rather organize papers? Make phone calls? Maybe you just want to volunteer at the general meeting and be done with it? We have positions available for all of you!

Committee Chairs are appointed by the President with approval of the Chapter Board of Directors for a term of one year and renewed annually or until successors are appointed.  Committees are formed by the committee chairs.

Being a volunteer organization, we appreciate all our volunteers for their support and for contributing their talents and time. The success of the AMTA and certainly the Chapter is due largely to our volunteers.

Ready to learn more? Contact us at louisiana@amtamassage.org